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THE JAPANESE GARDENING ORGANIZATION welcomes you to, a non-profit educational
resource for the Japanese gardening community with the mission of fostering the knowledge, appreciation and
application of Japanese gardens. Here you will find information and how-to articles written by professionals in the
field of Japanese gardening. There is also a forum with thousands of posts from hundreds of members around the
world discussing Japanese gardens and asking questions.

BOTANICAL CONSERVATORIES presents info and photographs of North American Conservatories, and provides
information on their operations in the compendium's "Soils, Fertility, and Water Quality".

NATURAL GARDENING provides Earth-friendly methods of landscaping, insect management and disease control. It
includes lists of good and bad plants for South Texas.

MAJA'S RAINFOREST includes information and activities about the rainforest and it's residents for teachers and
students. It includes Build a Terrarium and Plant-a-Seed.

SPECIAL - Sunken Gardens of San Antonio A history of the Japanese Tea Garden at Sunken Gardens in San
Antonio, Texas.

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